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There are over 2,000 active researchers at the University, and social media, such as blogs, allow you to connect with and find out about the world-changing research that’s happening in your field of interest. In the latest edition of our alumni magazine Avenue (No.59), they look at several popular posts from the AcademicBlogs network, the University’s new and growing blog community. They provided a brief taste of the diversity of fascinating areas you can explore through our research blog network—here you can find and read the full posts.


ClarkOne of our most successful blogs is the END OF LIFE STUDIES blog, which focuses on interventions at the end of life. In one of its most-read posts, Professor David Clark (pictured) takes a historical look at the rise and fall of the Brompton Cocktail – an elixir of opiates used in the early 20th century to ease pain and suffering, particularly in the care of terminal patients
Read more: The Brompton Cocktail: 19th century origins to 20th century demise – by Prof. David Clark


TextileWatching paint dry is a metaphor associated with boredom, but observing how a material ages is extremely important for conservation, particularly with works of art. The CENTRE FOR TEXTILE CONSERVATION blog recently described new research they’re running in collaboration with Historic Scotland – the tapestry monitoring project. Here they use timelapse photography to monitor how heavy tapestries deform while hanging, helping them to predict and conserve the areas where damage occurs first.
Read moreTapestry monitoring project – by Dr Frances Lennard


CVRThe CENTRE FOR VIRUS RESEARCH is the UK’s largest grouping of medical and veterinary virologists. Their blog posts delve deep into the inner workings of viruses and the diseases they cause. The centre is one of the UK leaders in hepatitis C virus research, and a recent post describes – with reference to classical Greek legend – the Herculean task of tackling hepatitis C.
Read more: The Herculean task of tackling hepatitis C continues – by Dr Connor Bamford


CameraAnd finally, on the SCHOOL OF CULTURE & CREATIVE ARTS blog, filmmaking students describe their summer visit to the Berlin International Film Festival in the way they know best—through the medium of film.
Read moreMSc Filmmaking and Media Arts students celebrate 65th Berlin International Film Festival

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